More than forty years of experience, all machinery manufactured in-house; this all amounts to important and competitive advantages, which Famor Engineering exploits to the full when supplying its clients with equipment and machinery. However, in its continuous efforts to reach its goals, we know that the “future depends on the success of those who are among us” and encourages its collaborators and workers to develop and shares qualities and talents together. Famor Engineering, manufacture of glass machinery, since 1977, the company provides a wide range of glass equipment, as well as manufacturing technology and high- tech machinery. The company is situated in the north outskirts of Torino, cover an area of 2.000 square metres and in which more than fifteen people are employed, is in an industrial area to the north of the city, using the most up-date technology available on the market today.

The transformation of a glass equipment workshop into a glass forming technology partner serving the needs of the glassworks.

Combining experience, quality materials and cost efficiency into an exclusive service.

Machine manufacturing

Fire polishing
Grinding and polishing

Engineering and glass know-how

Technical and specialty glass
Pharmaceutical packaging

Overhauling and parts

Blowing machines
Glass equipment hot area

Prototypes and special equipment

According to customers’ needs

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Famor Engineering s.r.l.