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Can be applied in the different production phases of glass required for the glass forming. Power burners for the moulds heating as well as a series of fine burners for the polishing of glass articles. FAM burners are available, either with Gas/air or with Gas/oxygen supply. We are ready to study, together with Glassworks, customized solutions for the best thermic balance or surface polishing. Surface treatment Special burners are available for fine surface polishing, which can be also applied on fire polishing machines. Mould heating We can supply power burners, in order to transfer the required working temperature to the moulds. Fam burners can be applied all along the forming process, for instance in press, press and blow and blowing machines. During the glass forming process, burners are important to grant the proper thermic balance.

In our TFC and TFS burners, the gases are supplied separately up to the outlet of the burner head. These burners have been applied successfully to the fire polishing of lead crystal, for fire polishing of glass surfaces and the elimination of mould marks.
The special design of the burners series TFC, oxygen streams through round holes which enclose the capillary pipes of the gas, concentrically.
– The burners of our series P and Q are bored, and the gases are supplied separately, the mixing takes place at outlet. The distance between the rows of gas nozzles is 2 mm.In their maximum configuration, the flame temperature which can reach the burners of the P series is above 1500 ° C.
– The burners of the Q series can be supplied with the double sided flame. These burners are suited for heating glass in stemware production, for instance if the stem is welded to the foot.
– The burners of the R series are suited for mould heating in the glass production. No compressed air is required for their operation, because these burners are equipped with a mixer, operating at atmospheric pressure.