An ideal containers forming machine to produce glass containers or bottles with a volume up to 3 liters. The machine concept is based on the IS process and should be consider a single section machine. The hot glass can be feed by a Slow Gob Feeder or a Ball Gatherer Robot. The mono-section IS machine, automatically transfers the parison through the forming cycles. The blowing process consists in two phases, one for the glass gob Pre-forming and a second phase for the end-blowing of the parison in the shaping-mould. A computer control the machines and manage the article parameters. An Operator panel shows all the function during the production.

Maximal Nek-Ring Diameter 90 mm
Maximal Body Diameter 180 mm
Minimal Height of Article 350 mm
Maximum Gob Weight 2 kg
Maximum Capacity Volume 3 Liters
Typical daily Pull 10 TPD
Production Rate 2 To 6 Pcs/min

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