The large container forming machines CBM3, are designed for different shapes of bottles and jars. The technology relay on the IS bottle forming machines, where all the parts are manufactured to allow sizes over the typical IS standard. The basic version is a single section machine, which operates with operator or handling robot. The machine can be feed with Gathering robot or by feeder. The neck of the bottles can be large or narrow type.

Maximal Nek-Ring Diameter 120 mm
Maximal Body Diameter(PB and BB) 420 mm
Maximal Height of Article under Finish (BB) 900 mm
Maximal Height of Article under Finish (PB) 600 mm
Maximum Gob Weight 12 kg
Maximum Capacity Volume 60 Liters
Typical daily Pull 20 TPD
Production Rate 2 To 6 Pcs/min

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