The feeding of the glass to a forming machine is an important part of the process, especially when the cycle time is short or when the gob weight is higher than standard. The glass homogeneity is also affected by the feeder type. For this reason Famor offers all the glass feeding solutions, from the ball gathering or sucking robots to the standard spout feeders and platinum feeders. For flexible production with a short cycle times, Famor offers gathering robots in two sizes adjusted to your production lay-out. Industrial standard robots, manufactured by international brands, are modified by Famor according to your needs and suitable for the hot conditions in the process. Standard spout feeders in the various sizes with plunger mechanism and mixing tube are available in different refractory sizes. The heating system is made by gas crown burners. This feeder is easy to be mechanically connected to your channel. We supply this type of feeders mainly for the tableware and container production lines. If you have high requirements and quality expectations, we are glad to supply you a Direct Heated Platinum Feeder DHPS®. With this type of feeder, you are able to increase the homogeneity of the glass and to improve the gob weight precision. If you produce corrosive glass (like borosilicate glass), where the refractory normally does not last for long, the platinum cladding saves you from changing the refractory parts.

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