Solutions for all those Glass Factories that want to improve the production capabilities……

… by making more automatic but keeping in the meantime the suitable level of flexibility required in small/medium capacity plants. The developed its gathering robots starting from anthropomorph machines of the established manufacturers but integrating them to the hot operation. We offer two models in order to satisfy the complete range of needs from glass production facilities: Ball Gatherer Robot with Four axes The 4-axes robot is installed in a hung position with the robot basement in a high position and connected to a holding steel structure. This feature makes it possible to free space available for the forming machines under the robot itself. This proximity means a shorter distance between glass and mould and therefore higher production speed.  Ball Gatherer Robot with Six axes  The 6-axis robot is installed with the basement standing on the floor. The main characteristics of this model are the extended reach of the arm and the flexibility to follow glass level fluctuations. So far the robot is used either in constant glass level tanks or variable level tanks (pot furnaces or day tanks) and can be installed in order to gather from two adjacent furnaces or to feed more than one forming machine per time.

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