For large container production (wine/oil Jars up to 54 litres) and for shaped bottles with enlarged or narrow neck, Famor supplies semiautomatic machines modules, which allow you to reorganize your production lay-out easily and to optimize the production costs even by low production volumes. In the past this type of production was made totally by manual blowing, today this process is machine supported, the operator is mainly handling the gob transfer (together with the neck ring) and supervising the production flow. You will form the glass articles in a flexible way, the ball gathering robot will adjust the cycle time to the forming process by computer software.

The semi-automatic HK1, with 3 forming stations

Maximum Nek-Ring Diameter 80 mm
Maximal Height of Bottle 750 mm
Minimal Height of Bottle 350 mm
Maximum Diameter of Bottle 300 mm
Minimal Diameter of Bottle design limitation
Minimum Gob Weight 2 kg
Maximum Gob Weight 6 kg

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