To satisfy the highest glass quality requirement during the forming process, we offer Direct heated platinum feeder systems DHPS® The technology comes from our partner EGLASS, a pioneer engineering company in the application of platinum to the glass. This cooperation join Eglass with his 30 years specialized in platinum systems for refining, conditioning and feeding of hot glass-melt and Famor with fine mechanic equipment and automation. With impressive and global references this partnership will support you in several forming processes, like for optical glass, tableware or borosilicate glass.

Platinum in the glass forming process find several applications, such as stream feeding into a mould, typical for fine stems of tableware, or stirring of the glass for a better homogeneity, an important property for optical glass, or as plunger feeder for a precise glass gobs

Please ask for more details! We support you also with the handling and manufacturing of the precious metal, by certified PGM manufacturer.

The unique fine dosing process, for a precise gob weight

The platinum feeder solutions will be supplied with all his parts such as mechanism, steel structure, insulations refractories, heating system and control cabinet. A dedicated team will provide installation and production start up.

Up to 3 tons/day Model 105
Up to 5 tons/day Model 110
Up to 10 tons/day Model 115
Up to 15 tons/day Model 125

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