Glass production in a flexible combination.

Ideal for lots of special articles.

The smart forming machine has been developed to produce glass articles such as vases, decorative containers, or other ornamental household glass. Based on the press and blow process this machine is able to form glass gobs from small to large weight of glass. The production can be fully automatic, loaded by ball gathering robot or by slow gob feeder, the servo Take Out is included to unloading the final object formed. The forming line can be completed with conveyor and multi section of Hot Cutting Burn – Off machine. Famor offers different sizes of smart forming machines, type S, M and L, all are available as stand-alone machines movable on wheels. Independent computer controlled, with a smart software for the parameters setting.

Standard Equipment

  • Structure with adjustable cams
  • Strong machine body with piping system
  • Single assembled press and blow sections
  • Self-centering chuck for quick mould change.
  • Safety brake and operation emergency stop
  • Cooling system with manifold
  • PLC control system. On line data display


Features Mod. S Mod. M Mod. L
Article minimum diameter 50 mm 200 mm 350 mm
Article maximum diameter 200 mm 350 mm 500 mm
Neck ring diameter 50 mm 200 mm 350 mm
Max. article height with moil 250 mm 375 mm 500 mm
Max. article height without moil 200 mm 325 mm 450 mm
Max. parison Length 125 mm 185 mm 250 mm

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